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Gotta get my Fred and Wilma.

Fred and Wilma FlintstoneI wrote about Woodstock briefly earlier this month, and since then some more Woodstock news has crossed my desk. First is The Road to Woodstock, a memoir cowritten by Michael Lang, one of the festival’s creators. (Interesting fact: Bob Dylan, who lived nearby, was not invited to perform.)

Second item: A re-release of the Woodstock movie. It includes extra footage of performers shown in the original cut, plus performances of CCR and the Dead, who were not included in the 1970 film.

Now to Fred and Wilma.

I remember first seeing Joe Cocker perform around 1970 on the old Tom Jones variety show. It aired on Sundays around dinner time, and I remember Cocker’s spastic performance gave our digestive systems quite a jolt.

Cocker’s been easy to parody. John Belushi’s imitation of the bluesy singer was brilliant in its boorish eccentricity. But I’m also wondering if it was so effective because Cocker, especially in his immediate post heyday, was such an easy target — in the way that anyone visibly different makes an inviting target. (You’ve never seen a kid in a supermarket pointing and saying too loudly, “Mommy, why is that man standing so upright, and why are his features so average, and why is his face so symmetrical and pleasing?” — have you?)

Anyway, I came across this video again of Cocker’s Woodstock performance of “With a Little Help from My Friends.” It’s the video that hilariously tries to make sense of Cocker’s famously muddy phrasing. That’s where Fred and Wilma come in. Take a look.


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The Ballad of Brandon.

Brandon Hardesty

Brandon Hardesty is a dead-on mimic, clown and aspiring actor. His videos — shot in his basement rec room — have taken millions of hits. He has a huge following, including the Washington Post Magazine, where I first read about Hardesty in a profile last month.  Check out his zany and eerie one-man reenactments of scenes from Goodfellas, Princess Bride and 12 Angry Men.

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A little TV.

SarahSilverman.articleTwo quick web-tertainments  for your enjoyment. First, “You Suck At Photoshop” — the name was all it took to grab me when I read about this mini-mini-series in the Washington Post.

Second, follow the actions and hijinks of the desperate actors of  “Pilot Season.”  If you can’t get enough of Sarah Silverman, or if you feel the less Sarah Silverman the better, this show, at a bracing five minutes, is for you.

Both are on My Damn Channel

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When video was young.

From “Moments Not to Remember,” by David Owen

“The popularity of video cameras arises from a simple but potent misunderstanding. Somehow people have gotten the idea that they won’t mind being old so much if they can turn on the TV and see what they were like when they were young. This is not true.

“The best memories — the ones that actually do comfort people in their later years — are ones that have been allowed to evolve unhindered by documentary proof.

“Memory is better than a video camera, because, in addition to being free, it doesn’t work very well.”

Atlantic Monthly, June 1995


Friends School in Detroit, 1974

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