Some kind of some kind of

Star Trek

Is Star Trek speculative fiction? As I watch episodes of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (Motto: They’re just like us, only without smartphones)  it slowly dawns on me all the speculating that goes on during the average day aboard the Starship Enterprise.

Geordi: “I don’t know, Captain. It looks like some kind of energy field.”

Data: “Unknown, Captain. I’d speculate it is some kind of warp displacement conduit.”

Riker: “Could it be some sort of cloaking device we aren’t familiar with?”

I’m not sure the purpose of “some sort of.” Perhaps in the 23rd century they say it instead of “um” or “like,” but it’s scattered through the episodes like molecules in a transporter beam. Is it something that will catch on in the 21st?

“She appears to be wearing some kind of tank top.”

“It looks like some kind of bowl of cereal.”

“Could it be the Republicans are employing some kind of new candidate we aren’t familiar with?”

It turns out that the “some kind of” blight spread to other Star Trek series as well.

Finally, I found a site called Some Kind of Star Trek. There’s no explanation for the name. It looks like some kind of inside reference, though.






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