Why a duck?

The Great Race

Tony Curtis and Natalie Wood stay warm in "The Great Race."

I was in the car this afternoon and turned on NPR. Bob Edwards was talking about duck hunting season coming to Louisiana, and how the avid hunters this year, crouching in their blinds or sloshing through their bayous, will come across workers cleaning up the waters from the BP oil spill.

I couldn’t help but wish I was out spending the Sunday in authentic pursuits like duck hunting in the waters of my beloved state, and not at a friend’s house, watching “The Great Race.” Once again I felt inadequate because I wasn’t an authentic man.

Then I thought I might have had it backward. I was out driving so I could be with my family and friends, watching a brilliant slapstick comedy, and why does NPR insist on larding on this authentic Americana stuff when nobody who listens to NPR  goes duck hunting anyway?


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