Links are on me.


Theorists theorize that the internet is a link economy, where the value of information rises as more and more people link to it. And while theorists continue to figure out how to turn that value into money, it has led to a lot of linking and name dropping.

Jill Miller Zimon,   Weebalmom, Stu, Yui N,   Lindy DreyerAri Herzog,   Anok,   akbar khanTracey,   Holly, Joe Duck.

I don’t know any of these people, and they don’t know me. But I’ve just raised their value. And that makes me feel good.

A link economy, and an attention economy. If that’s the case, I’d better stop before I lose your attention.



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2 responses to “Links are on me.

  1. Your value is high in my eyes. Thanks for the link 😉

  2. amy

    The world is crazy. Linking to people we don’t know and hoping they do the same. “Friending” people on face book that we barely know, or used to know. What does it say about us? Our lives? About the kind of lives and relationships our children are building? At least we remember what it is like to hang out with our friends in the same room WITHOUT a phone and a written conversation going on simultaneously with seven other people not in the room.

    Thanks David for this. Looking forward to other postings. And yes I really know him!

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